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Murky, cloudy or even green looking pool?

Maybe you need a sand change for your filter!

Very often a cloudy or dull looking pool can be suffering from a pool filtration problem. Once we check everything else for you, such as water balance and running times, it may be time to change your filter media (usually sand) or filter cartridge. We can go through different options of filters, and filter media to suit your pool and budget.

Green Pool Clean up


So you’ve noticed your pool going green lately, or you simply woke up and the pool’s gone green overnight? Not only are you unable to swim in a green pool, it can be a significant health & safety risk to you and your family.
Green pools are our specialty. There can be a number of factors to consider when your pool turns green.
Some of them may be:
*       Improper Circulation
*       Poor Filtration     
*       No Sanitation
*       Chemicals are out of balance
*       Phosphates in the water
*      Chlorinator or pump not working 100%


This can be a reoccurring problem and become costly attempting to fix it yourself. Green pools will be full of bacteria, mozzies and all kinds of insects! Contact Universal Pools & Spas expert pool technicians to rescue your pool, treating even the worst green pools. We will have your pool back to healthy swimming water & will help prevent your pool going green again!